Saturday, July 30, 2016
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Career Planning and Retraining

Career Planning and Development
Career Planning and Development courses are fee-waived for individuals who are unemployed, have received layoff notification, are working and earning 200% of federal poverty guidelines, or who meet federal earned income credit thresholds.

National Career Readiness
Certification Preparation $70 8/15-12/15 Online
This online program is a combination of academic and job skills preparation. Students may
acquire the National Career Readiness Certificate (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum), as they
pursue a career or degree, or build technical skills. Each student will spend six to eight hours per
week on improving academics and work-readiness skills. They will use the MCC National Career
Readiness Certification Preparation online program, which is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, webbased
curriculum to help individuals master the work-readiness skills they need to be successful
in a changing workplace. Fees for this class are waived for students meeting income guidelines.

*Career Readiness Certification Exam
$10 9 AM-12 PM F 9/30 Rm 143
$10 9 AM-12 PM F 10/28 Rm 143
$10 9 AM-12 PM F 11/18 Rm 143
*Pre-registration for the examination is required. Please register with Ashlie Martin in the Continuing Education office or call 910-576-6222 Ext 255.

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