Monday, February 08, 2016
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Career Planning and Retraining

Career Planning and Development
Career Planning and Development courses are fee-waived for individuals who are unemployed, have received layoff notification, are working and earning 200% of federal poverty guidelines, or who meet federal earned income credit thresholds.

Ready to Work $180 1-4 PM MW 1/11-5/4 Rm 143
This course is for the job seeker needing a flexible schedule. The focus of the course is preparing
for the Career Readiness Certification exam, job seeking techniques, employability skills
development, communication techniques, problem solving strategies, and understanding the
impact of information technology in the workplace. Instruction is individualized to meet the
personal needs of the job seeker. Fees for this class are waived for students meeting income

National Career Readiness
Certification Preparation Online $70 Online Online 2/1-2/26 Online
This online program is a combination of academic and job skills preparation. Students may
acquire the National Career Readiness Certificate (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum), as they
pursue a career or degree, or build technical skills. Each student will spend six to eight hours per
week on improving academics and work-readiness skills. They will use the MCC National Career
Readiness Certification Preparation online program, which is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, webbased
curriculum to help individuals master the work-readiness skills they need to be successful
in a changing workplace. Fees for this class are waived for students meeting income guidelines.

*Career Readiness Certification Exam $10 9 AM-12 PM F 1/29 Rm 143
$10 9 AM-12 PM F 2/26 Rm 143
$10 9 AM-12 PM F 3/25 Rm 143
$10 9 AM-12 PM F 4/29 Rm 143
$10 9 AM-12 PM F 5/27 Rm 143
$10 9 AM-12 PM F 6/24 Rm 143
$10 9 AM-12 PM F 7/29 Rm 143
*Pre-registration for the examination is required. Please register with Ashlie Martin in the Continuing Education office or call 910-576-6222 Ext 255.

Realistic Job Preview
Interested in a career change? Not sure which career is right for you? Here’s your chance to get
real-world information from employers in specific industries about the industy, the jobs, and
the skills necessary to work in them. Learn job search strategies and create a winning resume.
Experience job-specific mock interviews with actual employers. Practice your interviewing skills,
get feedback, and ask questions to help improve your technique.
Realistic Job Preview-Production Tech $70 10 AM-2 PM TH 2/4-3/10 Rm TBD
Realistic Job Preview-Social Service Caseworker $70 10 AM-2 PM TH 3/31-5/10 Rm TBD

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