Friday, July 29, 2016
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Criminal Justice Technology

Students may choose from a day or fully online Associate Degree Program in Criminal Justice Technology.


The Criminal Justice Technology curriculum is designed to provide knowledge of the criminal justice system and operations that will prepare individuals for employment in a variety of law enforcement, corrections or security fields. Study will focus on local, state, and federal law enforcement; judicial processes; corrections; security services; and the criminal justice system’s role within society.

 Job opportunities for successful graduates include, but are not limited to: detention officer, probation/parole officer, correctional officer, loss prevention specialist, fraud investigator, legal assistant and at-risk specialist.

Gainful Employment
Corrections Certificate
Law Enforcement Certificate



The Criminal Justice Technology and Basic Law Enforcement Training programs share a new facility with multimedia classrooms and a physical training center. There is also an on-site firing range and obstacle course for firearms and physical training.

Extracurricular Activities

The Criminal Justice Club is a voluntary campus organization comprised of students, faculty and staff at MCC. The club works to provide students with opportunities to promote their profession in the community, to participate in fundraisers and outreach activities, and to learn about people and agencies that play a vital role in the Criminal Justice field.

Criminal Justice Department | (910) 576-6222

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Tracey Wyrick

Program Head, Criminal Justice

ext. 310

Wesley Maynor CJ pp

“At MCC, my Criminal Justice instructor made sure we networked with different law enforcement groups. It helped open my mind to see what I could do. Even teachers I didn't have classes with helped me get focused on my goals."

~ Wesley Maynor

MCC Criminal Justice Graduate

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