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Program Costs - Professional Crafts:Clay

The following information is based on current tuition rates; tuition and student fees are set by the NC Leglislature and are subject to change.

Note: No books are required for pottery courses; the student receives handouts on all techniques; however, books are required for other courses taken in the Associate Degree program and are not figured in here.
Students pay $1.50 per pound of clay for all finished pieces of pottery. Clay use is estimated per semester.


 Tuition and Fees In-State Costs Out-of-State Costs

Financial Aid & Scholarships






Financial aid is available to students who qualify.

Please note that federal Pell Grants are not available for some certificate options however, MCC Foundation scholarships may be available.

To find out if you qualify, start by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
For step-by-step help with completing your financial aid application, go to MCC's Financial Aid page.


The Montgomery Community College Foundation has these program-specific scholarships available for students in the Professional Crafts: Clay program:


Fidelity Bank Star Branch Endowed Scholarship

Zane Simmons Endowed Scholarship - Pursuit of Excellence

Pottery Club Scholarships

Ashley Albright Endowment (not an MCC Foundation scholarship)


Many other non-program-specific scholarships are also available. The Montgomery Community College Foundation has scholarships available to students who may not qualify for other types of financial aid. To see all the scholarships available through the MCC Foundation, follow this link. The first step is to complete a FAFSA.




1st Semester FALL    
     Tuition 936.00 3432.00
     Fees & Books 168.60 168.60
     Total 1104.60 3600.60
1st Semester SPRING    
     Tuition 1152.00 4224.00
     Fees & Books 186.10 186.10
     Total 1338.10 4410.10
1st Semester SUMMER    
     Tuition 360.00 1320.00
     Fees & Books 216.60 216.60
     Total 576.60 1536.60
2nd Semester FALL    
     Tuition 864.00 3168.00
     Fees & Books 261.10 261.10
     Total 1125.10 3429.10
2nd Semester SPRING    
     Tuition 1152.00 4224.00
     Fees & Books 298.60 298.60
     Total 1450.60 4522.60
 Graduation Fee  35.00  35.00
Total tuition, fees & books $5,630.00 $17,534.00


Tuition costs listed are based on credit hours required for the Associate in Applied Science degree. Diploma and certificate options require fewer credit hours and a lower tuition cost.

Depending on the program of study, students can expect to pay between $500 and $1200 for textbooks per term. Textbooks may be purchased through MCC’s virtual bookstore. To access the bookstore, go to and click on the bookstore link on our homepage. General school supplies and some specialty items may be purchased in our campus store located in Building 100.


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