Friday, July 29, 2016
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Program Costs - Basic Law Enforcement Training

The following information is based on current tuition rates; tuition and student fees are set by the NC Leglislature and are subject to change.
Note: All Fees & Books amounts are estimates.

 Tuition and Fees In-State Costs Out-of-State Costs
Tuition *waived n/a
Fees & Books 887.60 n/a
Total 887.60 n/a
Total fees & books $887.60 n/a

*Sponsorship of a law enforcement agency is required of each BLET student. Tuition is waived in lieu of sponsorship.

tuition is waived because sponsorship of a law enforcement agency is required of each student


“With law enforcement you can use your strengths as a female. The program helped me come out of my shell a little bit. Every instructor was from a different agency, and they all had something to offer."

~ Hannah Sisk

MCC Basic Law Enforcement Graduate 2015

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