Monday, July 25, 2016
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What is Placement Testing?


NC DAP Accuplacer Placement Testing

NC DAP Accuplacer placement test is designed to indicate a student’s academic readiness in the areas of English, reading, mathematics and algebra. Academic advisors use the student’s test results to determine appropriate course placement. Appropriate placement helps to ensure students' success in reaching their educational goals.

NC DAP Accuplacer is a series of un-timed computerized tests. Talk to your advisor, the Enrollment Specialist, or the Director of Counseling  prior to testing if you have questions about which sections of NC DAP Accuplacer you need to take.

Who Takes NC DAP Accuplacer?

Taxidermy students Reading, Numerical/Pre-Algebra
BLET students Writing & Reading
College Transfer students
General Education students
Writing, Reading, Numerical/Pre-Algebra, & Intermediate Algebra
Dental Assisting applicants
Practical Nursing applicants
Writing, Reading & Numerical/Pre-Algebra
Other degree-seeking students Writing, Reading, Numerical/Pre-Algebra, & Elementary Algebra
Special Credit students Dependent upon course selection
Testing accommodations for students with special needs is available upon request and with appropriate documentation. Call the Counseling & Career Development Center at 910-576-6222, extension 210 or 223, for more information. Distance learning students taking online courses may also contact the Director of Counseling Services at the number above or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


When do you need to take NC DAP Accuplacer?

It is reccomended for you to take the placement tests before you register on your first term at MCC. Please contacthe Counseling and Career Development Center at 910-576-6222, extension 223, to make an appointment for a test session. You must bring a photo ID to the session. To find out more information about the admissions process, please contact the Enrollment Specialist at 910-576-6222 extension 220.

Applicants for Allied Health programs (Dental Assisting, Medical Assisting, and Practical Nursing) should discuss retesting with the Enrollment Specialist. Students in non-allied health programs may retest based upon recommendation of the Counseling & Career Development Center.

Who is exempt from taking the placement test?

A. Transfer students who have earned a "C" or better on a college credit course from an accredited post-secondary institution:
English composition course exempt from Writing Skills & Reading Skills
Reading course exempt from Reading Skills
Math course exempt from Numerical/Pre-Algebra
Algebra exempt from Numerical/Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra, & Intermediate Algebra
B. Students who have completed the ASSET, COMPASS, SAT, ACT, or NC DAP Accuplacer and scored the minimums as listed on the chart below are exempt from placement testing.


(Testing must have been completed within the past 5 years.)
Writing 41 500 21 70 86 Composite Score of 151 or higher 
Reading 41 500 21 81 80
Nurmerical 41 500 21 47 55 7 (in each of the DMA modules)
Elementary Algebra 41 520 23 46 55  
Intermediate Algebra 41 520 23 66 75  

Students who score below minimum cut-off scores must enroll in foundational courses in order to ensure academic success in future college level English and Mathematics courses.

Students may take the placement test twice. (Exceptions: Dental Assisting and Practical Nursing applicants may take the placement test twice each academic year.)

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