Thursday, July 28, 2016
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Placement Testing Calendar


To make an appointment for NC DAP Accuplacer/ASSET testing please call 910.576.6222 ext 223. When you call, be sure to leave your name, telephone number and email so we will be able to reach you if a session must be canceled.

Special Accomodations and additional questions may be directed to the Counseling & Career Development Center at 910.576.6222, ext. 210.

The day of your appointment you will need to bring a valid picture I.D. (example. driver’s license)  and arrive 10 minutes early to the Counseling & Career Development Center. We will provide you with scratch paper and pencil and an I.D. number. For the math portion of the test, a computarized calculator is provided for you by the test. There is no reason to bring your own calculator as you will not be permitted to use it.

There is no fee for the placement test.

Placement test may take at least 4 hours. Please plan accordingly.

Visit the following websites to enhance your basic math and writing skills before testing:

    (go to "Information for students" then "free sample questions" or download the accuplacer web-based study app, fees apply)

    (Library Link: online references, test practice and study guide)





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